How The Invention Of Money Happened

How The Invention Of Money Happened

In Today’s Times, We Go To Another Person To Buy Or Sell Any Item, And If He Purchases More Of That Goods, Then We Take Money In Return, We Buy Second Goods With The Money, That Is What We Need, That Is, If We Do Any Kind Of Work Then We Need Money Only And In Today’s Time Every Person Works Hard To Earn Money Which He Can Buy Everything That Money Today Is Everything Is Easier To Buy Something In Any Way The Money Is The Great Need Of The People In The World

And All Of You Know That If We Do Not Have Money, Then In Today’s Time No One Will Give Anything To Us And You Too Work Hard To Earn Money, Then You Have Thought That If You Have Money In Today’s Time If Not, Then What Would Be Our Time, And Perhaps You Might Have Thought That How Did People Trade In The Way Of Money In The Beginning, When They Did Not Have Money, How They Used To Take Things From Each Other. So Today I Will Tell You Some Very Important And Beneficial Information In This Post So That Your General Knowledge Will Also Increase And It Is Also Important For You To Know That In This Post I Will Tell You How Money Was Invented Coins Were Made From The First And First Of All, Where These Things Were Used, See Below.

How The Invention Of Money Happened

Barter System ? You All Know That Everyone Had Different Ways To Trade Some Things In The Old Time And Also Used To Trade Things In Their Own Ways, And It Was Different In All The Countries. The First Way To Do Transactions Was That If Anyone Had To Take Any Goods From Another Man. In Return, He Had To Give Some Of His Something To Him. In Ancient Times, Animals Were Used Most For Trading, Because At That Time Only Animals Were The Way Of A Business. Because At That Time The Animals Were The Most, And Neither Were The Carts Like The Times Of Today Nor The Other Instruments, And At That Time Only Animals Were Used To Go From Place To Place. These Things Were Used Like Horse Camel Elephants. And These Things Were Used To Trade. As If Someone Needed A Horse Then That Guy Had To Give A Horse To His Goat Or Some Other Animal. But These Methods Of Business Should Not Go On For Long Because If A Person Needs A Horse And A Horse With No Need Of His Goat Or Other Animal It Was A Big Problem, So There Was A Problem Even In The Transaction.

After This System, Goat Camels Used To Trade Things Such As Horses And Salt, After That It Was Difficult To Trade In This Manner, But Gold And Silver Were Being Used Most For Any Purchase In Egypt But It Was Difficult To Keep Silver And Gold In All Times And Fear Of Robbing Was Also Greater, After This, For The First Time, Coins In Lydia For 650 BC Currency Was Created And It Was Too Much Like Or Subsequent Made Coins For Business In China In 1000 BC And His Top Printing.

Then The Coins Were Made To Make Purchases. There Was No Receipt After Shopping. Tallystick Was Used For The Receipt In The 12th Century Because The Paper Used To Be Expensive In That Period. So Used A Small Wooden Piece That Was Marked And If It Had To Be Written Over It, It Would Have Been Written On It And After Purchasing It Made Two Pieces Of Wood, Buying A Piece And Selling A Piece. Keeps The One.

After This Goldsmith Banking Was Started In England In The 16th Century Because It Was Always Very Difficult To Keep Gold Together And Buy With It. So People Used To Deposit Their Money To Their Gold Private Bank. And They Used To Take Receipt And Used To Buy Things Through This Rashid As The Invention Of Paper Grew And The Paper Became Commonplace Everywhere, Instead Of Using Tallystick, Bill Of Exchange Was Being Used. Bill Of Exchange Was Also Like Tallystick. It Was A Credit Card Of That Time. After The Purchase, The Buyer Had To Deposit His Money According To The Given Time. The Way In Which The bank After Purchasing Credit Card In Today’s TimeThe user gives time and the second advantage was that if someone bought or sold a thing once through the bill of exchange, the money was taken by a bill of exchange, as today we sell goods at some other place. The buyer transfers money in our bank account, in the same way, money was deposited with the bill of exchange with which the city was purchased or bought elsewhere, and after that Money was withdrawn from the bill of exchange from the bank in their city. To steal money in this way and saves even be robbed of money and money are always in too does not keep.

It Was Very Difficult To Keep The Coin In Its Time At All Times, So In The 11th Century The First Paper Currency Was Made In China And Thus In View Of China, Gradually Invented Paper Currency In The 70th Century And In This Way It Spread The Paper Currency All Over The World.

In The Form Of Power For The First Time In India, Currency Was Started Between 1540 And 1545. Coin Was First Introduced In India As A Currency For The First Time And Coins Were First Introduced During The Reign Of Sher Shah Suri. And The Silver Coin Also Was That The Weight Of That Coin Was 178 Grains (11.534 Grams). And There Was Gold Coin Too. During The Mughal Rule, Coins Were Started With Three Metals To Make The Monetary System Better In The Subcontinent. The ‘Rupee’ Started During The Reign Of Sher Shah Suri Runs Till Today.

It Continued In India Even During The British Raj. At That Time, Its Weight Was 11.66 Grams And Its Weight Was 9.17 Percent Pure Silver. By The 19th Century, Silver Silver And Gold Were Used To Make Coins In All Countries Of The World, But After The 19th Century, The Value Of Silver Coins Became Very Less Due To The Huge Decrease In Coins And This Incident Was Reduced To Rs. Is Also Known As The Fall Of. Coins Were In Circulation In India Till The 18th Century, But After The 18th Century When The British Company Came To India, Then There Was The Invention Of Paper Currency In India And For The First Time In India, The Currency Currency Bank Of India Was Launched In Kolkata In 1770.

Then After The East India Company Started Expanding Its Business In India, After That The Bank Of Bengal And Bihar Were Established In 1773, And After That The Presidency Bank Was Established In 1886, Then After That The Currency Currency Became Common In India And Then Gradually The Paper Currency In India Went Up. In The Beginning, There Were Notes Of 10, 20, 50, 100 And 1000 Of The Currency Currency. All These Notes Were Made By One Of The Queen Of Victoria Of East India Company. The Right To Issue Rs Mr. C Photo Has Set Thykwars British Government In 1935 Gave The Reserve Bank Of India. After India Became Independent On August 15, 1947, The Note For The First Time Was Made ₹ 1, Which Was Enforced In 1949, Followed By Notes Made By The Indian Government In India And From 1996 To 2005, On The Notes Of Mahatma Gandhi. In This Way, The Paperwork Was Invented In India And In Today’s Time 10,20 500 In India,

So In This Way, For The Business Of The World, Coin Currency And Currency Of Currency Started To Be Used And Gradually It Started Making Different Types Of Currency, And In India, Different Types Of Notes Were Made, In This Post You Told About The History Of The Currency Notes And Coins Used For The Business In The World, In This We Have Full Notes About Coins And Currency Paper Currency And The Information From The Star. And Along With This, Also In The Beginning, About The Things Used For The Transaction. If You Like This Information Told By Us, Then Do Not Forget To Share It And If You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions About It Then You Can Ask Us By Commenting In The Comment Box Below.

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