Poor to Billionaire Success Stories in 2019

Poor to Billionaire Success Stories in 2019

It is said that money only pulls money. But being wealthy or just relating to a wealthy family can not make you successful. Some people in this world have been such people who used to be very poor at one time but were later counted among the rich people of the world.

Many people become wealthy, but the story of the lives of some people becoming king by some ranks is very inspiring so that we can learn about hard work, patience and determination. About some such people, we will read this article today and try to get education from them-

10 Billionaires Who Were Once Very Poor:

Kenny Troutt (Kenny Trott) – His father was a waiter in a bar, and the financial condition of the family was terrible. Kenny Trott used to pay his fees by selling insurance to people in his college days. In 1988, Trott opened a company called Excel Communications and proceeded very fast. Today Trott’s property is about $ 1.7 billion.

howard-schultzHoward Schultz (Howard Schultz) – He was born in an impoverished family, where two times the food was also complicated. In such an environment, at Harvard, there was a desire to become a big man since childhood. After the completion of studies, Howard started working in a coffee curse named Starbucks. Starbucks had nearly 60 branches at that time. Howard worked hard, and one day became CEO of that Starbucks coffee shop. And in the world, about 16,000 Starbucks branch opened. Their property is about $ 2 billion.

Langone_KennethKenneth Langone (Kenneth Langoo) – Kenneth’s father was a plumber who used to go home and repair people’s taps and pipes. But Kenneth hated poverty He opened Langone’s school at Bucknell University. Kenneth also did a lot of small jobs to invest in the university. Today, Kenneth’s property is $ 2.1 billion.

oprahOprah Winfrey – Oprah Winfrey was very interested in the media since the beginning. Speaking at the stage in school and other media related things were the affair of Winfrey. Sometimes he also had a job at a local radio station. When he was at Tennessee State University, he got an excellent job in the media and left his studies and paid attention to his career in the media. Today Winfrey is counted among the world’s most successful people. Oprah Winfrey’s property is about $ 2.9 billion.

pt_1594_4776_oShahid Khan (Shahid Khan) – Shahid Khan was born in Pakistan. When they came to the US from Pakistan, they used to clean the utensils in hotels. There was a time when Khan used to wash dishes according to $ 1 / hour. Today he owns a famous American company Flex-N-Gate and is counted among the world’s wealthiest people. Shahid Khan’s property is approximately $ 3.8 billion.

Kirk Kerkorian in 2003.Kirk Kerkorian – Kirkkorian’s family was so weak that he had to leave his studies from class VIII and then he joined a club as a boxer so that he used to spend his family’s expenses. During the Second World War is Korean was included in the UK Air Force. Later, they started the construction of hotels and resorts. Their property is approximately $ 3.9 billion.

john-paul-dejoriaJohn Paul DeJoria- When he was ten years old, he used to go home and share the news so that his family could get financial help. Later on, he joined the military also. Paul started the Shampoo work with a loan of $ 700 and went home and sold the shampoo. He then created Patron Tequila, which is a beauty related lotion. Today, Paul’s property is nearly $ 4 billion.

Jin-SookDo Won Chang (Do Von Chang) – There was a time when Wong Chang’s family was suffering from extreme poverty. When no ray of hope was visible, Won Chang Korea came to the United States. Von Chang, who came here, used to work in three places together to raise money for the family. Won Chang worked as a waiter in a coffee shop and became a janitor in the company. Later they opened a shop selling Forever 21 name. Their shop went so far that they opened around 480 branches around the world and made a unique record of selling nearly 3 billion dollars in a year. Now their assets are almost $ 5 billion.

Ralph-Lauren-BusinessOfFashion.com_Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) – Lauren’s childhood has passed in very short-lived circumstances. His family was fascinated by a rash. For this reason, Lauren left studies after 10th and joined the army. Later, he also became a clerk in the company named “Brooks Brothers”. His dream was to open a company to create a tie. In the same company, Loren earned only $ 500,000 by selling a relationship. Later he established the world-famous Polo Company. Today their assets are approximately $ 7.7 billion.

leonardo-the-old-4Leonardo Del Vecchio (Leonardo del Vecchio) – Leonardo’s father died in childhood. He was one of the five brothers. Later they were sent to the orphanage because their widowed mother was not able to nurture them. When he grew up, he got a job in a factory where lenses of car parts and glasses were made. 

By staying there, he learned all the work and opened his shop and soon became the world’s largest sunglasses maker. Today Leonardo’s property is approximately $ 15.3 billion.

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